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Ayurvedic Cosmetology

Our cosmetologists, use exclusively natural products and preparations in their procedures. Each of our clients receives the highest level of service and warm attitude, which is successfully combined with the current prices for the types of services and procedures offered!


Treatment of pigmentation


Oil/oil-free facial massage


Therapeutic procedure for hair and scalp


Treatment of acne and pimples


Ayurvedic head massage


Honey massage


Henna drawing


Rejuvenating facial massage

Mukha Abhyanga

Oil facial massage

Mukha Patra

Vegetable peeling + massage


Herbal thermal mask


Pearl Ayurvedic massage


Vegetable peel


Oxygen nutrition of the skin


Flower beauty treatment


Fruit massage


Premium care Diamond massage


Stem cell therapy


Golden beauty treatment

Chocolate Facial Therapy

Facial using Chocolate

Kesha Kshalanam

Washing using herbals


Hair removal using Sugar


Eyebrow correction with thread

Netra Poshanam

Treatment for the skin around the eyes

Sculpture Massage

Non-surgical facelift

In Ayurveda, the concept of beauty has its own antiquity. The centuries old science has its contribution on the preservation of beauty in natural ways. Ayurvedic cosmetology is the knowledge about a healthy lifestyle, written down more than 5000 years ago in Sanskrit. For thousands of years, the natural science has been granting the hints of recipes of medicinal herbs and oils for healing and rejuvenating the skin. This has been passed down from one sage to another sage in the form of poetic hymns in the text books which are named as samhita. According to Ayurveda, healthy skin is an indicator of overall health and Ayurveda prescribes numerous skin care procedures that need to be followed at certain stages of life.
Ayurvedic cosmetology is unique due to its approach to the concept of beauty and methods of maintaining it using effective and natural remedies. A healthy body and mind reflects a person’s natural beauty.

As per Ayurveda there are certain factors that influence beauty. Prakriti (body constitution) of a person is one such factor. The texture of skin, oiliness, roughness and similar criteria of skin vary on each and every individual as per their prakriti. For example, the vata predominant person has a tendency of dryness on skin. This knowledge allows one to choose the appropriate herbs or combination for their beauty care.

Beauty and Metabolism
Agni (digestive fire) is considered as the basic health factor. Sama Agni (proper digestive fire) keeps the metabolism steady and is very essential for enduring healthy status. A healthy digestive system keeps the toxins away from the body; hence the blood will be clean and the skin will linger in its natural good condition. An individual who takes the necessary steps to balance the metabolism is periphrastically doing the beauty care too. The foods we eat have a big impact on the glow, smoothness, oiliness and texture of the skin. Choosing food according to the body constitution is necessary to keep the metabolism unimpaired, there by the beauty.

Role of Mental health
Ayurveda never separates mental and spiritual well-being from the concept of beauty. Always a happy and cheerful mind reflects on the face. A healthy mind indicates a wholesome balance in our body. When there are worries and fears it will create a disproportion in the dosha (body humors) and will leads to various health problems. Our behavior to the society and nature has a big impact on the dosha. The negative acts create imbalance in dosha and it will reflect on the body including skin. For example, when we get anger or jealous repeatedly, pitta dosha in body aggravate and it can precipitate as red patches and pimples. When the body, mind and consciousness are in complete harmony, a person radiates inner and outer beauty. Various therapies are advised in Ayurveda for creating the mental wellness.

Beauty and Detox
According to Ayurveda, toxic materials inside our body make a person looking dull and shodhana (Cleansing) is the best therapeutic intervention to remove toxins from the body.
Beauty not only makes you happy, but also gives you confidence. Treatments combined with Ayurvedic massage and cleansing repairs the body and skin. Panchakarma (detox) programs will remove toxins even from deeper tissues and keeps the channels clear and intact. This avoids the clogging of unwanted materials on the skin. Periodic seasonal detoxification is recommended by Ayurveda for a healthy person. This will help you to prevent from illness and the same time your body will be rejuvenated. This rejuvenation involves each and every cells of the body and covers the cosmetic aspects also.

The Ayurvedic approach assures that we take care of our health from the inside – nutrition, natural medicines and proper lifestyle. The skillful application of medicinal herbs, minerals, precious stones, spices, fruits and vegetables allows us to create unique skin care products. The ingredients, volumes and technologies for mixing medications do not change, as they have been successfully practicing for years. The main prerequisite for beauty is the use of natural products, proper nutrition and peace of mind. If these rules are followed, you can slow down aging and imparts natural, youthful, glowing skin.
The Atreya Ayurveda clinic offers a wide range of rejuvenating, healing and cleansing procedures performed at a high professional level using Ayurvedic cosmetics.

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