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Panchakarma is the most complex purification method in Ayurveda and is an individualized process that requires the participation of an experienced practitioner. The goal of Panchakarma is not only to remove toxins, but also to restore a healthy mind-body balance at all levels. Panch means five and karma means action. Panchakarma consists of five therapeutic activities or treatments aimed at removing Ama (toxins) from the body safely and effectively. The duration of the cleansing program may vary depending on the individual needs of the patient. An individual Panchakarma plan includes a mono-diet (kichari), the use of herbal formulations and supplements, treatment methods and lifestyle recommendations. Meditation, yoga and breathing exercises greatly help deepen the detoxification process.

Preparation for Panchakarma includes a number of procedures that help remove accumulated Ama (toxins) from tissues. These treatments help the body prepare for internal cleansing therapy. The preparatory stage includes:

Snehapana (oleation) is the first step in preparation for cleansing, which involves saturating the body with herbal or medicinal oils through the intake of ghee. The choice of oils is selected individually and depends on the imbalance of a person’s dosha. On the 3rd day of this stage, the doctor determines the duration of the course specifically for you. Usually the course of oiling consists of 10 days.

Svedana – thermal procedure, sweating. After completing internal oiling, the patient is given a general massage using medicinal oil, then steamed using medicinal steam in a special steam barrel.

Next comes the Panchakarma process itself, which consists of:

Vaman is an emetic therapy (rarely prescribed).

Virechana is a natural herbal cleansing process that primarily cleanses the small intestine and Pitta-related organs (liver and gallbladder) and balances major metabolic functions.

Vasti is a complex of enemas made from herbal decoctions and oils. Yogavasti helps to nourish all the tissues and remove toxins from the body.

Nasya is the administration of medicines through the nose. This treatment helps remove toxins (Ama) from the nasal passages, ears and eyes, cleanses and opens the head channels, improving brain oxygenation, mental performance and enhances sensory perceptions.

Rakta-moksha – bloodletting, is prescribed extremely rarely.

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