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Treatment of headaches and migraines

Migraine is a severe headache that cause throbbing, pulsing head pain on different parts of your head. In some, the headache gets worse with physical activity, bright light, loud noise, strong odors etc. The probability of women having migraine headaches is greater than men. Migraine attacks can be interfere with your daily routine and affect your ability to meet personal and social obligations.

Commonly along with migraine, other symptoms like nausea, vomiting and light sensitivity are present. Other sensations might be experienced even before the onset of headache. These include dizziness, flashes of lights, sharp pricking pain, seeing patterns before your eyes etc. Different types of headaches include tension headaches, headaches associated with various diseases like fever, headache with neurological origin like trigeminal neuralgia. Physical conditions like tension in the back and shoulder muscles can result in headache. Systemic conditions like hypertension can cause recurrent type of headaches.

How Ayurveda understand migraine

In Ayurveda headaches are not considered a disease, but a symptom of the vitiation of one or more doshas – Vata, Pitta and kapha with the primary dosha being affected is Vata. The practitioner will determine the dosha imbalance which is the root cause through the clinical examination called– Rogi pareeksha. Understanding the dosha predominance is the key factor in prescribing the therapy. In Vata dominant headaches there will be throbbing pain, disturbed sleep, pain in shoulders and neck, mental stress can be seen. In headaches with Pitta dosha vitiation, pulsating pain with other symptoms like hyperacidity and warm feeling of head can be seen. In Kapha cases there will be heaviness with dull pain and in some head ache will be associated with secondary symptoms like sneezing and running nose.

After diagnosing the type of migraine, appropriate treatments are suggested. To manage headache holistically, diet and lifestyle habits are assessed and modified, along with that Ayurveda therapies are suggested to ameliorate the symptoms and prevention. Ayurveda approaches the treatment of migraines comprehensively, identifying the main cause of the symptoms. Ayurveda doctors prescribe reliable methods for eliminating headaches of a wide variety of nature. Depending on the cause and nature of the imbalance in the body, Ayurveda uses various treatment methods.

Ayurveda methods to tackle migraine

Various treatment modalities from simple head massage to complex detox programs can be executed to obtain an optimal outcome.

Shirodhara: In this procedure medicated oil is rhythmically pouring on head in a mild pace. It will stimulate the nerve endings and acetyl choline is generated which in turn lowers blood pressure. Shirodhara can be considered as a passive meditation technique to calm down the agitated psyche. It imparts good sleep and has tranquilizing effect, which gives a great amount of relief in migraine.

Abhyangam: Ayurvedic oil massage on body and head gives instant relief from the discomforts of migraine. The constant circular motion in appropriate pressure on the scalp will relax the soft tissue on scalp and enhance blood circulation. In Ayurveda view point application of oil will alleviate the pain by balancing Vata dosha.

Swedana: Sudation therapy can be done by steam inhalation. Inhaling the steam boiled with leaves is very effective in instant relief of headaches. Herbs like Tulasi (holy basil), karpoora valli (a mint variety), drona pushpin (leucas aspera) and many other plants can be used for this.

Shirolepa: in some type of headaches, Ayurveda suggest shirolepa, where a herbal paste in smeared over the scalp and is wrapped by leaves. Herbs like sandalwood, jatamansi, usheera, brahmi are potent to alleviate the stress related migraine attacks.

Panchakarma: In Atreya Ayurveda, the authentic purificatory programs are exclusively practiced for all kind of ailments. In migraine conditions also Panchakarma modalities like Virechana, Nasya, Basti can be administered.

Nasya: Nasya is one of the common therapies we practice in Atreya, in which medicated oil or swarasa (herbal juice) is administered through the nostrils and is a highly recommended one in migraine. The active components of the medicine are absorbed through the nasal epithelium which is highly permeable. This will have a stimulating effect on brain through olfactory and respiratory pathways and the end result is reduction in intensity and frequency of migraine attack.

Virechanam: Herbal preparations in the form of oil/powder/tablet are given to induce purgation. This will cure the headache which is manifested by Pitta dosha vitiation.

Basti: Medicated enema is an effective in alleviating the headache caused by accumulation of toxins. Migraine with chronic history can be relieved by the application of decoction enema.

Yoga: Practicing yoga and meditation is a conventional method practicing in Ayurveda. Yoga therapy exercises help improve the oxygen supply to brain and other cells. Meditation techniques like sitali pranayama (breathing exercise) helps to you to calm down.

Practice good regimen

Other than therapies, various other lifestyle modifications need to adapt to uproot the condition of migraine. Good lifestyle practices like wake up in the morning and sleeping early have a good impact on migraine. Taking food in right time is important to avoid occurrence of migraine. Staying hungry can trigger the headache attack. Healthy food habits will keep us away from any illness. Avoiding activities like listening to loud noises, glaring to high intensity light, strong odors, too much shouting and wearing tight head bands are some of the precautionary measures to be taken to stay away from migraine

To get rid of migraines, a course of therapy lasting from 2-3 weeks is usually sufficient. By following all the doctor’s recommendations, most patients overcome migraine symptoms, which disappear forever or are significantly weakened.

Make an appointment with an Ayurveda doctor; call the Atreya Ayurveda clinic – and today you can take a step towards a new life in which there will be no room for headaches!

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