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Takradara is a soothing procedure that is similar in technology to Shirodhara. After a preparatory massage using herbal oil that matches your Dosha type, experts prepare a special fermented decoction, which is poured onto the forehead in the “third eye area.”
In Takradara, fermented buttermilk infused with herbal decoction is poured into a special bowl, which is placed above your head. The stream from the bowl is directly poured between the eyebrows and is slowly poured out with smooth oscillating movements from the right to the left temple region.
Typically, this procedure is prescribed in a course for a more pronounced effect and has a prolonged effect. Many of our patients note that after this procedure they feel rested and full of energy. And the procedure itself is similar to the process of meditation. Some patients relax so much that they fall asleep right on the massage table.
• Scalp psoriasis
• Psychosomatic diseases
• Insomnia
• Pediatric conditions like cerebral palsy
• Motor neuron diseases
• autoimmune diseases
• chronic and severe stress

Duration – 60 minutes

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