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In Ayurveda, the main cause of disease is considered to be intellectual error. Diseases can be physical or mental in nature. Physical diseases are treated within the framework of the logical theory of elements. By carefully observing a person’s instinctive behavior, one can trace the reasons for this behavior, located in the depths of the subconscious. It may be due, for example, to unfulfilled desires that were once denied to the subject. The behavior may mask some deep, painful emotions. It can develop as a result of impressions received from life events (karmaphala). Ayurveda calls the main cause of disease such a phenomenon as ignoring one’s mind (“pratnyapadha” in Sanskrit). Since childhood, we have accumulated many impressions that are registered in memory with the emotions accompanying these impressions. There are positive and negative impressions. These impressions are mainly related to our parents, close relatives, friends and environment. Negative impressions mask the true nature of consciousness. Stored in our emotional memory, they cause various mental problems – phobias, arrogance, guilt, persecution mania, feelings of loneliness, melancholy, etc. In fact, this cannot be our true nature. Purification of these negative emotions is possible through the technique of smriti.
Smriti means memory, awareness. Smriti methods help to delve deeper into the subconscious in order to gain real awareness of emotional memory. Understanding the root cause of emotions dissolves them to create a new experience.
Experienced Ayurvedic doctors at our center help the patient to smoothly dive into deeper levels of the mind. This process allows the patient to discover the main cause of the disease and eliminate it. This is a very effective method of curing most psychosomatic diseases, especially migraines, insomnia, bronchial asthma, arthritis, neurodermatitis, etc.
Meditation, with the help of experienced Ayurvedic specialists at our clinic, will allow you to penetrate deep into your consciousness, feel and eradicate the main causes of your diseases.

At the Atreya Ayurveda clinic there are 2 types of health practices:

  • Smriti meditation is conducted by Dr. Helps to understand and eradicate the cause of your diseases. It is an effective way to treat many psychosomatic diseases.
  • Cyclic meditation is conducted by a yoga therapist. Allows you to learn to completely relax your body and mind, increase the level of sensitivity and remove hidden tension.

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