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Shirodhara is translated as “head” (shiro) and “continuous flow” (dhara). The procedure uses medicated oil, which is poured onto the forehead area of the “third eye” in a continuous rhythmic stream. We use the purest form of Ayurvedic medicinal oils.
Usually before Shirodhara you will recieve a relaxing neck and shoulder massage. Lukewarm oil is poured in a continuous stream onto your forehead to the “third eye” area from a special swinging bowl above your head. The effect of the procedure resembles meditation.
Medicated oils stimulate the brain centers that are responsible for the production of various neurotransmitters and hormones like endorphins – hormones of happiness. Shirodhara relaxes the farthest, deepest corners of the mind and body. Through the process of shirodhara the facial muscles relaxes, face becomes soften. Following the relaxation and revival of the whole body, there will be a feeling of harmony and peace.

• neurological problems
• Anxiety and stress
• increased anxiety
• sleep problems
• dry scalp
• Relaxation purpose
Duration – 60 minutes

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