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Potala is a procedure using heated herbal bags with a special composition. Potala is the bags prepared from various medicinal leaves, lemon, flowers and herbs release maximum beneficial properties and nutrients, which, in turn, penetrate the body through skin cells. The bags are soaking in the warm oil and the massage is perfomed. A course of Potala massage helps with pain in different parts of the body, including joints and back. This is an effective way to get rid of pain and tension from muscle stiffness.
Potala massage helps strengthen and rejuvenate skin cells, bones and muscle tissue, improves blood circulation, reduces muscle tone, promotes stress relief and good sleep. The procedure helps to get rid of toxins, fat deposits, and remove stagnation in tissues.
• Helps with joint and muscle problems
• Facilitates the patient’s condition with diseases such as arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, joint deformation and others.
• Effectively corrects the figure and promotes weight loss
• Eliminates fluid stagnation in tissues
• Makes the body more flexible and mobile
• Has a general tonic effect

• Hypersensitivity to ingredients, allergic reactions
• Oncological diseases
• Fever
• Deep vein thrombosis of the lower extremities
• Fractures

Duration – 30-60 minutes

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