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Njavara kizhi is one of the common fomentation therapy (swedana) done in Ayurveda treatments. In this external therapy linen bags containing special variety of rice are used to rhythmically massage the body. A variety of red rice is cooked in milk and herbal decoction ans is tied into bolus of linen cloth. The bags are constantly heated in milk and herbal infusion and massage is done to induce sweating. Njavara massage is used in rejuvenation therapy, improves the skin, normalizes muscle tone and gives the body firmness and good lusture.

• Nourishes the tissues
• Gives strength to muscles and bones
• Helps to relieve stress and muscle tension
• Effective in neurological conditions like Parkinsonism
• Strengthens the nervous system
• Good for immunity
• Saturates the skin with nutrients
Duration: 60-75 minute

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