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Marma therapy

Marma therapy is one of the oldest methods of Ayurvedic treatment, a technique for deeply restoring the balance of the body. This is a soft and deep effect on marmas (“particularly sensitive points” or “life zones” in Sanskrit) – bioenergetic points of the human body.

Knowledge of energy points allows a marma therapy practitioner to influence the flow of prana through both the physical and subtle body (psyche) of a person in order to restore his health and mental balance.

Correct or incorrect vibrations of the vital points of the body (marmas) can both improve and, accordingly, worsen a person’s health. Marma therapy specialists rhythmically adjust the energy points of the body to treat various diseases such as nervous disorders, arthritis, back pain and spinal problems, diabetes, etc. It helps restore metabolism and replenish vital energy.

  • medical practice (acupressure, therapeutic massage, herbal medicine);
  • martial arts (kalari/kalaripayatu).
    As the teaching spread throughout India, it also influenced the development of acupuncture and kung fu in China. The science of influencing energy points was called upon to stand guard over empires in those distant times when only a true warrior mastered the art of manual combat. Ancient fighters understood the essence of subtle energy and used their knowledge to protect or destroy the enemy. “Marma” comes from the Sanskrit word “mru”, which means “to kill”. 107 marma points are considered in categories according to the degree of their influence on the body’s energy reserves. If they are damaged, a person’s life may be at risk. If warriors mastered this science for the purpose of defending the state, then healers used the knowledge of these points in the art of healing. The same osteopathy has much in common with marma therapy, from where it borrowed a significant part of its provisions.

Disputes about marmas are present in many of the great texts of Ayurveda, but the most famous work on this issue comes from the pen of Sushruta Samhita. Vaidya Sushruta described the location of marma points and their effect on prana. The main postulate of marma therapy is quite simple. Where a strong blow can cause injury, a light touch can heal. This is the main principle of marma massage. When knowledge of marma points is combined with the ability to capture and direct the flow of prana, marma therapy becomes a powerful tool for curing any known disease. This is a scientifically based system of medicine, without side effects or negative consequences. It works effectively both on its own, with or without the use of drugs, and in combination with other medical disciplines such as allopathy, homeopathy and Ayurveda.

107 energy points

Ayurveda describes 107 energy points. They are located in the front and back of the body, including:

  • 22 on the lower extremities;
  • 22 on hands;
  • 12 on the chest and abdominal area;
  • 14 on the back;
  • 37 on the head and neck

What happens during a marma therapy session?

Marma therapy involves gentle supportive movements of body parts, gentle stimulation of points with fingers through local massage and manipulation of various joints and muscles. The therapy physically and psychologically relaxes the body, releasing constricted marma points, and gives it strength. This is the most powerful therapeutic process, which, by its influence on subtle and sensitive points on the body, opens energy channels called srotas.

How does marma therapy work?

Marma therapy has enormous potential and works effectively on many levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It can lead to tremendous changes in the body:

relief of chronic or acute pain, both local and generalized;
detoxification at all levels;
noticeable improvement in the functions of organs/body, musculoskeletal system, digestive, respiratory, nervous and psychological systems;
maintains the balance of the doshas.

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