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Kalari Marma Massage

Kalari marma massage, unlike the classic Abhyanga massage, affects not only the physical component of the massage, but also overall energy of an individual. During the procedure, there is an impact on “marmas” – points of energy accumulation in the body.
By influencing marmas, the restoration of human internal organs and systems is stimulated. Kalari Marma massage has a comprehensive effect on all systems of the body, removing stagnation and degenerative phenomena in tissues and organs, including muscle spasms, due to which the massage makes the body mobile and flexible.
The Kalari Marma massage procedure has a deeply therapeutic effect, bringing into balance all the functioning systems of the body.
• Strengthens the body by relaxing and opening energy channels.
• Allows professional athletes and dancers to maintain flexibility and excellent body condition.
• Helps relieve body pain.
• Deepens breathing.
• Releases emotions and removes psychological blocks.
• Gives a stable rejuvenating effect
• Increases mental and physical strength
• Enhances immunity and cleanses the energy structures of the body
• Relieves stress and emotional tension, has a deep relaxing effect, normalizes sleep.

Serious cardiovascular failure
Fracture and dislocation
Acute fever
Any disease at an acute stage

In Atreya Ayurveda we provide different type of Kalari massages
Kalari marma – head massage 30 minutes
Kalari marma – back massage 30 minutes
Kalari Marma – full body massage HASTA 90 minutes
Kalari marma – full body massage PADA 90 minutes

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