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Complex Weight Loss Program

Obesity is one of the common public health problems facing by humanity. As per WHO, 39% of people are living with overweight and 13% of population is living with obesity. It is a dangerous metabolic ailment which can affect various systems of body and can become root cause for illness like hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, endocrine disorders, arthritic conditions, infertility etc.

Being obese or over weight is not only an aesthetic problem, but is a baggage of connecting ailments. Unaddressed case of obesity or rapid weight gaining can have serious life threatening consequences. Understanding the gravity of the condition of excess fat deposition in your body is a key factor too. In the modern era of electronic gadgets, you may comprehend fallacious information on obesity.

Know the condition Obesity:
Obesity does not happen in a short time. It occurs by a gradual process in the body due to weak metabolism and unhealthy lifestyle in general. Other factors like hormonal imbalances and genetics also contribute in the development of the condition. The main etiological factor leading to obesity is improper dietary habits like consumption of large amounts of fatty and sweet food items, excessive intake of artificial sweeteners, fast food, foods containing preservatives and over eating without digesting the previous meal. Lack of physical exercise and hereditary predisposition also has a strong inclination towards the pathogenesis of obesity.
Our body is a complex structure where different systems are interconnected, hence the fat deposition also have its bad effects in multiple organs. Excess fat causes plaques in the coronary vessels and aorta in the heart and will hampers the normal cardiac functions. In the same manner other systems also affected by excess fat deposition – breathing difficulty in case of lungs, constipation and oesophagal reflex in digestive system, perspiration and rashes over the skin. Finding the early signs and symptoms of obesity and treatment should be done in the beginning stage through Ayurveda, where we adopt natural healing methods. Negotiating early in obesity will allow us to avoid manifestation of complications

Ayurveda, by its holistic approach helps you to restore the natural metabolism and there by finding a solution for the troubles caused by obesity. People who want to lose their weight are fiercely looking for the ways to do so and they can approach us, Atreya Ayurveda. Sticking to the intrinsic principles of Ayurveda-the science of life, our team in Atreya designs a customized treatment plan for obesity which includes both the external and internal therapeutic modalities.

The holistic approach of Ayurveda covers all the areas related to health- from dietary adjustments, external therapies, internal herbal preparations and augmenting psychic health. These methods are by no means magical, but are scientifically proven. Ayurveda healing process not only initiates the process of shedding excess fat, but also allows sustaining it through medication and healthy lifestyle.

How Ayurveda does it?
Ayurveda heals any disease by correcting the root cause of the condition. As per Ayurveda, diseases developed as a result of loss of equilibrium in body humors-doshas. In case of obesity, basic metabolism is hampered and lead to the imbalance of doshas. Through herbal preparations, primary focus is given to correct the metabolism and accelerate the fat breakdown. During the therapy time the diet prescribed and quantity of food consumed will be monitored and will be synchronized with the therapy requirements.
Stages of Therapies
– Various herbal preparations prescribed to ignite the digestive system. It is the preparatory stage to conduct the cleansing therapies.
Panchakarma– This is the purification methods which does the deep cleansing of the body, even at the cellular level. These five exclusive detox therapies are known as Panchakarma. In this process, the patient drinks sesame oil or medicated animal fat (ghee) for 5-6 days. The selection of oil/fat is done by our doctor as per the condition of patient. This will be followed by the series of Abhyanga (oil massage with warm medicated oils) Swedana (sudation therapy inside the steam chamber). Abhyangam and swedana extract toxins from the deep tissues and opens the channels of the body. This facilitates elimination of toxins in the next step- purgation called Virechanam (herbal induced controlled purgation). This drastic laxative therapy expels unwanted fatty substances and makes the body light.
Samsarjanam– after the purgation, there be gradual introduction of food items for 2-4 days from semi liquid to normal solid food. This allows the body to develop a normal metabolic pattern.
Once the Virechanam is done, to proceed with the weight loss other therapies are prescribed. Udvarthana, a type of massage with herbal powders are performed, followed by swedana (steam bath) which will immobilize the deposited fat. In some obese patient when they are stressed or lack confidence, Shirodhara will be prescribed to boost their psyche. A series of medicated enema (lekhana vasti) is done to scrape the deeply seated fat tissues. Doctors in Atreya will guide you to avail the benefits of yoga and exercise in obesity. Practicing yoga daily will help you to stay fit. Practicing asanas (postures) like suryanamaskaras will ignite the metabolism and will keep the muscles flexible. Yoga therapy sessions are very helpful in maintaining body weight and to balance the body humors. Yoga masters in Atreya well versed in providing customized yoga therapy-therapeutic yoga (not to be confused with classical yoga)

What can you expect?
After completing the series of therapies, you can expect a loss of 7-10 kilograms in most of the cases. It may go upto 10 kg* in some rare cases. To maintain the result one should follow the healthy diet and lifestyle management suggested by the doctor. Herbs or medication prescribed should be continued in order to get the optimum result of the therapies. You will be forcefully focused to stay in the restrictions or healthy advises, as you received a positive result with the Ayurveda treatment.
A unique comprehensive Ayurvedic treatment for overweight and obesity can be obtained at the Atreya Ayurveda.
*Result may vary in each individual case

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